Capomastro - Master Builder

Capomastro - Italian for master builder: He who maintains an experienced eye and steady hand in all aspects of construction, from concept through completion.  The Capomastro respects the balance between structure and aesthetics, practicality and creativity.  He works hand in hand with architects, designers, and owners to maintain fluidity of process and the integrity of results.

As a Master Builder with over thirty years of experience, I do not separate design from construction any more than a sculptor would separate his vision from the stone and chisel with which he carves.  I work closely with my clients, knowing that understanding their needs is as important as my knowledge of construction techniques, engineering, mechanical systems, and materials in helping them define the space that they call home.

The intent of this blog is to provide a deeper insight to owners as they approach what will be a major undertaking, with which they have little familiarity, and to remind design and construction professionals of their responsibility to the environment, the community, and most of all to their clients.  With forethought, craftsmanship, care, and a bit of luck, what we are building today will be here for a century or two, maybe longer, and will protect and nurture  families that we may never meet.

Wayne Valzania