Red Hook Design is a full service Design / Build residential construction services company staffed by highly skilled craftspeople committed to providing exceptional workmanship in wood, steel, glass, and concrete.  The team is led by capomastro Wayne Valzania, a skilled craftsman with more than four decades of experience constructing creative and challenging residential projects.  Based in Portland Maine, we undertake a full range of projects. We provide an extensive list of services, including replication and custom millwork, the restoration and fabrication of complex architectural details and cabinetry, to the renovation of single and multifamily homes.  From new construction to historic restoration, our attention to detail and commitment to client service is unsurpassed.



Our mission is to carefully craft homes and work spaces that nurture the people who live in them, using sustainable materials that have minimum negative impact on the environment.  These dwellings should demand little, last long, and be pleasant places in which to work and live.


WAYNE VALZANIA - Master Builder (Capomastro)

"Energy efficiency is no longer an option - It is a requirement"

Wayne Valzania finished his first house in 1972, a passive solar structure built from the recycled timber of three barns and locally harvested logs.  Its improvisational design and construction required two years to complete.  Since then he has collaborated on and personally hand-crafted numerous energy efficient buildings.  His extensive portfolio of masterfully built homes nurture and shelter families throughout the Northeast as he continues to work with architects, designers, and home-owners.

Wayne brings a depth and breadth of industry knowledge and a commitment to total customer satisfaction. Bringing a wealth of construction experience as well as degrees in both electrical and computer engineering, his mastery of the construction industry has helped set him apart as one of New York City’s and now Portland Maine’s most desirable builders.

Building on his considerable experience, Wayne also holds a Master’s of Science degree in Construction Management through the New York University School of Civil Engineering and Urban Planning. The three year program, which consistently produces leaders in the construction industry, contributes to his ability to maximize budgets, control a project’s scope and complete projects as efficiently as possible while maintaining the highest quality possible at any given budget level. Asked why he chose to pursue this degree given his extensive background and education, he responded, “My preferred method of acquiring advanced skills has been through apprenticeship. The faculty members of the Polytechnic are practicing masters of project management, who aside from their professorships are working on some of the largest projects in the world. The opportunity to hone my skills as a project manager under their guidance was irresistible”.

The Executive 21 Masters Program of NYU Polytechnic is unique in that it is a “by invitation only” program offered to professionals who not only have many years of industry experience but have also exhibited superior academic excellence in the past. Class discussions and exercises are intended to promote interactive problem solving in a collaborative environment of highly skilled and experienced project managers. He adds that, “The benefit of this experience to RHDA is twofold. Not only are my skills as a project manager enhanced but I function as a portal through which this newfound knowledge is passed to the rest of the RHD team. Our clients benefit by having access to management techniques used in the most complex projects undertaken by man, with the eye for detail and aesthetics unique to RHDA”.

Wayne is a master craftsman, builder, and project manager who honed his skills in the time honored tradition of apprenticing true, old world master builders. He has designed and hand crafted numerous unique and eclectic homes throughout the northeast with roots in the design and construction of passive solar, timber frame and conventional homes with liberal use of steel and finished concrete.

Red Hook Design is a Portland based custom builder bringing modern and traditional elegance and the highest quality materials and construction methods to urban living.